SEC Filer Access Codes

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SEC Filer Access Codes

What they are and how to apply for them

SEC Filer Access Codes are created by the SEC and provided when a company or individual registers with the SEC as an EDGAR filer. Filer codes are used to submit documents to the EDGAR system and provide access to online tools and secure SEC websites. Filer codes consist of five unique sets of numbers; four provided by the SEC and, one created by the registrant.

A brief description of each access code follows:

Central Index Key (CIK): An identifying 10 digit public code that appears in the submission header of an electronic filing and, in conjunction with the CCC, is used to identify the filer. This code cannot be changed.

CIK Confirmation Code (CCC): An 8 character confidential code used to authenticate the CIK and identify the filer. This code may be changed at any time and must include 1 number, 6 letters and a special character. (i.e. hhhhh8#s)

Password (PW): An 8 character confidential code that, along with the CIK is used to log on to the EDGAR system. The password is also required to change a filer’s CCC. The password may be changed at any time and must be changed at least once every 12 months. If the password expires, there is a 10 day grace period in which the code may still be renewed. If both deadlines expire, a new Form ID must be submitted to the SEC. Passwords must include 1 number, 6 letters and a special character. (i.e. pwpw$5pp)

Password Modification Authorization Code (PMAC): An 8 character code required to change your password. This is the most confidential of the filer codes and access to the PMAC should remain limited. This code cannot be changed. If lost or a new PMAC is required, you will have to request a new set of access codes by filing a new Form ID.

Passphrase: Added to the EDGAR system in April 2004, the Passphrase is used to access the SEC Filer Management website and manage an EDGAR filers access codes. A Passphrase will be requested only for the CIK that logged into the EDGAR system. Filers who use the services of a filing agent such as Securex, and do not use their CIK to log on will not be prompted to create a Passphrase.

Click here for instructions on submitting  your own electronic request to the SEC for EDGAR access codes.

Important note: Filer access codes are required to submit any filing to the SEC via EDGAR and should be obtained in advance. Although the SEC sometimes issues codes the same day the notarized document is received, it may take as long as 3 to 4 business days to receive the codes. Failure to obtain the necessary filing codes will not excuse a late filing.